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Beyonc√© releases “Texas Hold ‘Em (Pony Up)” remix, launches mysterious website

Written by on 04/04/2024

Beyonc√©‘s put a new lasso twirl on her #1 hit “Texas Hold ‘Em,” releasing a “Pony Up” remix with different lyrics and vocals.

The song includes a new breakdown, during which Beyonce commands, “Now I’ma need all my cowboys to the dancefloor/Get to the dancefloor.”¬† There’s also a whole new, lengthy second verse with a different melody, as Bey sings, “Woke up this mornin’, my heart keeps racin’/Straight to the bottom, we all need salvation/Need you to end this drought, take me downtown.”

A new outro completes the remix, as Bey sings, “Pony up and salute your town/Chasin’ our sins away with brown/And I’ll be damned if I cannot dance with you/Baby, pour that sugar and liquor on me, too/Furs, spurs, boots/There’s a whole lot of South comin’ out …¬†whole lot of truth comin’ out.”

Meanwhile, the superstar has launched a mysterious website,¬† It features three pictures of Bey: One as a young girl competing at the “Texas Sweetheart Pageant,” a school photo of her mom,¬†Celestine “Tina” Beyinc√©, as a little girl, and a current picture of Bey in full cowboy regalia.

There’s also a picture of a banjo, the words “Always Been Country,” and the repetition of what¬†Beyonc√© has always said about her album Cowboy Carter: “This ain’t a country album. This is a ‘Beyonc√©’ album.”

Fans have noted billboards with similar imagery in Los Angeles. Since¬†the website also has an invitation to sign up for updates, some are speculating that¬†it’s¬†teasing a possible tour.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)