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Did Kendrick Lamar throw shots at Drake and J. Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s new album?

Written by on 03/22/2024

After much teasing,¬†Future¬†and¬†Metro Boomin¬†have released their new album,¬†We Don’t Trust You,¬†which features an appearance from¬†Kendrick Lamar.

The Compton rapper is featured on the track “Like That,” in which he seems to throw shots at¬†Drake¬†and¬†J. Cole.

“Yeah, get up with me, f*** sneak dissing/ ‘First Person Shooter/ I hope they came with three switches,” Kendrick raps, a reference to Drake and Cole’s song “First Person Shooter.”

He then specifically makes mention of the verse¬†where Cole describes himself, Drizzy and Kendrick as the “big 3,” rapping,¬†“Think I won’t drop the location? I still got PTSD/ Motherf*** the¬†big 3, n****, it’s just big me.”

Kendrick then goes, “n****, bum, what? I’m really like that/ And your best work is a light pack /N****,¬†Prince¬†outlived¬†Mike Jack‘/ n****, bum, ‘fore all your dogs¬†gettin’ buried.”

For All the Dogs¬†is the name of Drake’s latest album. On it, he compares himself to¬†Michael Jackson.

We Don’t Trust You, named after Metro Boomin‚Äôs ‚ÄúIf young Metro don‚Äôt trust you, I‚Äôm gon‚Äô shoot you” tagline, voiced by Future,¬†includes 14 tracks and appearances from¬†Travis Scott,¬†Playboi Carti,¬†The Weeknd¬†and¬†Rick Ross.