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“Let The Kid Be A Kid” – LeBron James Responds To ESPN Cutting Bronny Out Of 2024 Mock NBA Draft

Written by on 02/27/2024

Akron native and Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has come up with the most unique parenting advice.

Yes, that’s snark.

James went into full papa bear mode recently when an account on the social media site X took note of ESPN moving Bronny James out of its 2024 NBA mock draft.

“Can y’all please just let the kid be a kid and enjoy college basketball,” James wrote Monday afternoon. “The work and results will ultimately do the talking no matter what he decides to do. If y’all don’t know he doesn’t care what a mock draft says, he just WORKS! Earned Not Given!”

Let kids be kids. What a novel concept.

It’s a sentiment most parents can agree with, but even then there are those parents who show out at games and expect their children to develop into the next Patrick Mahomes or…LeBron James. Everyone knows one.

Given the spotlight that James had blaring in his face from the time he was at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, it’s of little wonder that he’d want to protect his children. He’s earned the right to do so.

Bronny James is a freshman with the USC Trojans and has already had to deal with some adversity prior to his college career starting as he suffered cardiac arrest that he recovered from to be able to play this season.

He is currently averaging 5.5 points on 37.1% shooting, 2.8 rebounds and 2.5 assists.